Custom Category Page

This is my favorite feature. Why? It lets you create a page, give it a category or categories and it displays only what you need!

Why would I need this?

Let’s say you have a general blog like “blog” in the main menu of this demo but you also want a menu item to display your featured posts on their own, or keep your photography items on the main menu, not buried within your other blog posts.

How do I set that up?

Simply create a page called Blog using the “Custom Category Display” page template, add a custom field (name: categories) using the category id or ids you want it to include.

What is it using to do this?

The number(s) you enter are added to a query_posts parameter called cat which lets you include/exclude exactly what you want, for more information visit the wordpress codex or the documentation with this theme.

The page title is removed from this by design but you can add your own content above the displayed posts using the standard content field.

Column Two

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Column Three

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Latest Items

Thumbnails are automatically generated using the new post thumbnail feature, pulling from categories you choose! 

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Image inserted into post